A Tool for Creating Interactive Web Comics

Comic-BEE provides an integrated, guided process for educators and subject matter experts to plan a lesson, write a branching script that is closely aligned with their instructional goals, storyboard the visual layout of their comic, and format the comic with final artwork prior to online delivery and presentation.

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Use comics with any age group, or expertise level – students or workforce

Address topics such as ethics, economics, law, STEM, cyber security and more

Includes everything needed to create web comics: no programmer or artist required

Automated scoring option supports assessments; games and challenges are easy to deploy and score

Transform Your Vision



Sample Comics

Cyber Ethics

Students will learn how to make ethical decisions when using their computer and digital products.

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NCCDC 2016 Winner: Strong Authentication

Winning comic created by DePaul University to educate employees about strong authentication and passwords.

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Computer Hygiene

Know how to keep your computer “in good health” and protected.

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