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Comic-BEE is an all-in-one application that lets you create interactive comics with branching stories. Readers make choices, and the narrative changes based on their decisions.

Teach with Comic-BEE

Branching stories made with Comic-BEE are effective for education and training, because creators can demonstrate choices and their consequences in a safe environment. That helps students learn why something is important to learn—or, at least, what may happen if they fail to understand it.

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What’s special about Comic-BEE?

Comic-BEE is an all-in-one browser application that lets you write, map, lay out, and design branching interactive webcomics without having to draw a single thing, or write a single line of code. Comic-BEE provides all the assets and layouts you’ll need.

Right from your browser, you can create a visual story for readers to explore—they’ll decide how the story goes and how it will end, from the options you provide. Comic-BEE makes it easy to create your own story (or lesson, for you educators), then publish and share it with your readers.

Did we mention that you don’t need programmers or artists?

Plan Lesson

Comic-BEE guides you through organizing and outlining your story. For educators, this will start with a lesson plan. This step might include brainstorming scenarios for your topic (for example, a real-life scenario your lesson or story is based on). Educators can develop learning objectives that can be associated with choices in Write Script. Creating a lesson plan is not required to create a comic.

Write Script

Next, you'll write your script—we made that as easy as it can “bee.” The scenes you outlined before will appear as possible story scenes to help you get started. As you create new scenes and choices for readers to make, your Story Map will grow. Comic-BEE visualizes your story as a simple graph that displays which choices lead to which scene. If you're assessing your readers, you can rank your scenes for scoring during this step.

Lay Out Storyboard

After you have your script, it's time to lay out your comic. Comic-BEE's Storyboarding feature provides a collection of comic panel layouts and an extensive library of low-fidelity graphics (starting with low-fidelity speeds up the process—the next step will rapidly replace these with the high-quality assets). This step creates the visual foundation of your story—and it's where it transforms from plain text to visual!

Create Final Comic

You're almost done. In the last step, Comic-BEE helps you quickly replace those low-fidelity graphics with artwork from our deep library of assets (or you can upload and use your own) to assemble a visually compelling work, with no artistic skills required. After this, your comic is ready to be published! Share with your readers by posting your comic to our site or downloading it (HTML file) to share yourself.

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